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What Clients Are Saying

A Foundation for Ongoing Growth

“I have found the work that I have done with Jackie has helped me to create a foundation and a place for ongoing growth. I find that the tools help me in my life on a daily basis and I often refer back to what we have spoken about in session when I am in my daily life. I find that Jackie guides me to find the right path and this allows my work to be deeply suited just for me. The answers are inside us, and Jackie helps to bring them out.

I have enjoyed getting tools that help me to be a better person. I feel more confident and capable since I started seeing Jackie. I feel that this work is helping me to live my best life and that is a true gift.”

Natalie Brookshire
Owner, Natalie Bowen Designs

Let Go and Live

“The work that I have done with you required courage and a willingness to feel my pain; ultimately empowering, joyous, and fun! I enjoyed our sessions together; the listing and examination/filtering of those lists, the combination of verbal and visual reference points.

I have enjoyed that this has been MY process and MY discovery – our ability to laugh at my process /discover –  YOUR ability to listen with compassion and indifference. The benefits of the work have been better functioning, more enjoyable relationships –  seeing through drama, recognizing  my behavioral patterns,  ability to let go and live.  Jackie, you are an excellent example of living the work and finding the opportunity in all moments.  You will touch all those open to you!”

Marc Rohrer
Financial Advisor

Big Steps Toward Change

“I began sessions with Jackie because I felt like I was stuck in a loop, knowing I needed to try something new but unable/fearful to make it happen. Jackie encouraged me to finally takes some big steps towards change and nothing but positive has come out of it. I think my favorite part about working with Jackie is the concrete tasks she assigns me to work on between sessions. Rather than just vague ideas, I always walk out of her room feeling like I know exactly what to do when situations present themselves to me. I have already recommend Jackie to several friends and do so with total confidence.”

Jennifer Rinzler
Business Owner

Operating From a Balanced Center

“I have worked with Jackie as a leader of an intense, multiple-month seminar, as a personal, individual coach, as a coach with a work colleague and witness to the impact of work she has done with other work colleagues to improve and maintain healthier professional relationships.

The guiding principles and tools used by Jackie are solid, reliable, and proven. They work. They function like precision instruments.  Jackie is grounded and confident in the beliefs upon which her work is based, which allows her to be consistent and comfortably assertive in encouraging her clients to find and operate from their best selves.

Jackie is at once a cozy, safe place to fall and a thoughtful, focused coach who allows very little wiggle room for avoidance or lack of clarity and purpose. My personal approach to my work, way of leading others, and style of managing my life have been forever refined and improved by the work I have been privileged to do with Jackie.

She is a gifted and talented woman who operates from a balanced center. Jackie has a style and content that is unique in personal coaching. She has the grace and patience to work effectively with a wide range of personalities and issues.

Jackie is imaginative and inventive with solutions to uncommon problems. If you are considering taking on informed and meaningful personal reflection and growth, don’t miss the opportunity to work with Jackie Priestley.”

Jan Berman
Director of Dissemination and Marketing
Developmental Studies Center (DSC)

A Spiritual Journey of Healing

“I am working with Jackie on my spiritual journey of healing through love and forgiveness.  Jackie has helped me open up to giving and receiving love in a a gentle and non abusive way.  I did not realize how much abuse I grew up with and how it has affected my marriage and my relationships with my children and loved ones.  The biggest factor of all that really opened my eyes was the question she asked me in one of our sessions. “Nicole, do you love yourself?”  I couldn’t even look at her!  I knew that I had a lot of work to do because how I felt about myself was a reflection on how I treated the people I loved  so much.  I am still working and learning every day to stay patient with my self during this journey.”

Nicole Solis
Hair Stylist

Bringing Heart and Soul to My Business

“Working with Jackie has been absolutely transformational. I initially found her in ’97 and even while there was a span of ~9 years where I wasn’t seeing her, the tools she gave me in our work together have been priceless in my adult life. I found her again in 2008 and am so incredibly grateful for the work we’ve done together in the last few years.

Jackie’s a coach, but her work goes WAY deeper than that. With Jackie you’re not just talking out problems and setting goals. Instead, she helps you untangle stories and patterns that are subconsciously dictating your life experience. Her wisdom, perspective and insight is a true gift and I feel fortunate to have her support in my life.

While I often speak with Jackie about my business, it’s all so incredibly intertwined. My relationship to my creativity, my Self, Spirit, my finances, my time, my body, and to others – all of that is driven by the same soul within me that drives my business. I’ve grown leaps and bounds thanks to this work.”

Willo O’Brien
Creative Catalyst & Business Coach

Strengthening Internal Conviction & Clarifying Contribution

“I worked with Jackie Priestley during a challenging period of time in my organization. Priorities were changing and, as part of the management of the organization, I was trying to figure out whether (1) I would be able to influence the direction of the changes, (2) I could adapt myself to the changes if I couldn’t influence them, or (3) it was time for me to leave the organization. Jackie met with me alone several times, and facilitated several meetings between me and my supervisor. The process she took us through revealed clearly what I could and could not expect to change, and also strengthened my internal conviction of what my contribution to the field might be and what I needed in order to do this work. Jackie encouraged me to tap into and calmly speak my own truth, whatever it is, and to trust in it in the face of challenges. In this way, I feel she helped me personally and spiritually, as well as professionally, in her work with me.

I think anyone who has the good fortune to work with Jackie would soon discover that she is extremely knowledgeable, competent, and skillful, as well as immensely compassionate. I hope many others will get to experience and benefit from her work and wisdom, as I did. Thank you, Jackie!”

Susie Alldredge

The Joy and Happiness I Deserve

“Working with Jackie, she provided me the tools and exercises to work through the challenges I had.

Through this work, I was able to learn from my past, the fears, the repeat behavior, and ultimately have the joy and happiness I so deserved.”

Christina Ryan
CDM Group

Laser Light Focus

“Jackie’s coaching is unlike traditional therapy.  In my experience with traditional therapy I talked about my problems and was never given any tools on how to cope or change.  With Jackie’s coaching she listened to what was going on with me at the time and with her laser light focus was able to help me identify what was happening and why it was happening and the best part she gave me tools for change and the ability to understand why I was doing what caused my challenges.  I was given different “homework” assignments where I could practice the tools learned in our sessions in my every day life then come back and fine them and also see how it was giving me the results I wanted and needed.  She is also different than traditional therapy in that it is was my experience once you started you were expected to come back week after week.  With Jackie we identified my challenges – that I really learned were just opportunities for me to grow within – put corrections in place and moved on so that I can have a happier more fulfilling life.  I contact her now only when I need some fine tuning.

I recommended a dear friend to Jackie who was having serious relationship issues with her husband. In just a few sessions with her their relationship turned around and now is stronger than it has ever been due to the few tools they learned from her they were able to shift their thoughts about what was happening and are now connect on a much deeper level.”

Trecia Knapp
Real Estate Agent

A Safe Place to Explore and Grow

“Jackie is an extraordinary coach in every way. She truly tunes in to you and your needs, provides a safe place to explore and grow and offers the very best tools and techniques to reach not only your healthiest weight, but your happiest self. She has been an incredibly wise mentor and friend, and she makes your journey to knowing yourself and your body and releasing excess weight easier and more fun. I cannot recommend her with higher enthusiasm.”

Lilly Hills, Author, Radio Show Host
The Body Love Manual

Tools for Life

“Prior to being introduced to Jackie I had experienced other spiritual counseling which really didn’t provide me with any tools on working through the many opportunities that life presents. I was guarded, to say the least, when I first met with Jackie however, It only took that first session to know I was in the presence of a woman who truly “got it” and a woman who had the experience and tools to assist me in better understanding my life story…….the work I have done with Jackie has had a profound impact on me, my thought processes and how I show up in the world. I am a student in my own life and through Jackie’s work I have been gifted with the tools to assist me in working through and learning from my experiences.”

Allyson Pogojeff
Business Owner

Self Discovery and Clarity

“Jackie’s work is a step beyond therapy. Extremely insightful and grounded work. Jackie is able to listen as well as hear and reflect back elements and conditions one is working on. She brings light to dark thoughts and problems with the ease and skill of a seasoned professional.  What I found the most beneficial was the speed at which Self discovery and clarity was made.  Unique!”

Ahnalisa Miller

Self Love and Acceptance

“Working with Jackie is a gift to myself! Jackie is able to mirror back to me the issues in my life that need healing and help me see them with humor and compassion.  When I am able to laugh at my own issues, they no longer have a controling hold on me….such a relief!  The result is a new level of self love and acceptance and motivation to shift.  When there is lightness, the process is enjoyable and I am always looking forward to our next session!!  I also love that Jackie is able draw and share from her own life experience… it is all so real.  I admire her marriage, her parenting style, her clean communication with family and friends and her drive to make a difference in the world through her coaching. I love the way she leads her life.

Jackie is my coach and a significant role model in my life.”

Dana O’Donnell

Tap Into Core Strength

“I went to you during my darkest hours; when my mom died, when my marriage was troubled, when I was struggling with parenting. Each time I left feeling hopeful. For me, sadness can bring with it a feeling of impotence, of powerlessness, and of helplessness. But, when I shared my sorrow or my frustrations or anger with you, your guidance helped me tap in to my core strength. Then, I felt like it was within my ability to change my perception and my behavior. I could feel my pain without feeling like it put me in a hole. I appreciate your warmth, your caring and your fabulous natural intuition and insight.”

Carla Kalin

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