What if you related to your body in a way that improved the quality of your life -
in every moment of every day?

Feel Alive! ~ Jackie Priestley & Willo O'Brien

Often we’re in a relationship of struggle… about our weight, an injury, an illness, or aging.

Are you ready for a more loving relationship with your body?

We invite you to join us for a 30-day deep exploration of your own unique experience with your body, in your life; providing you with profound awareness of the unconscious limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns that have kept you from feeling fully connected and ALIVE.

Improve the quality of your day-to-day life

How many of these experiences are familiar to you: 

  • You feel frustrated and worn out
  • You have an exhausting inner dialogue around your body and/or food
  • You feel like you just can’t accept the changes that have taken place in your body from pregnancy or aging
  • Moving or taking care of your body continually falls to the bottom of your priority list
  • You know your pattern of disconnection, and you’re ready for it to change
  • You’re tired of making choices that feel like self-sabotage

We invite you to join us for 30 days of transformation:

  • You will begin to create a Purposeful relationship with your body based upon what is important to you,
    rather than ‘shoulds’ or past conditioning
  • You will begin treating your body like you would a great friend
  • You will uncover, explore, discover, be present, get curious, make a plan, and embark upon an adventure
  • As your appreciation for your body transforms, the way you take care of your body will also transform
  • You will discover your own Personal Code for self-care, and what makes YOU feel alive in your body, and in your life

I'm Ready to Feel Alive!

A supportive program in the comfort of your own home

You may be new to online courses, or this may be your first one, but we’re here to tell you these 30-days will be like nothing you have experienced before.

You Will Experience:

5 interactive, one-hour coaching calls 
These calls are the heartbeat of this program. Once a week, for 30 days, we will walk you through the content and engage in active process work. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, in a safe, confidential environment and learn from others on the call. See the FAQ below for the specific dates & times of the live calls.

A workbook, with inquiries to guide you through your own personal journey
This workbook has been designed specifically for this class, the daily prompts will support you on your path to deepening your relationship with your body.

Tools for connecting and communicating with your body
A toolbox you can take with you and use as your own personal reference for years to come.

Meditations to reconnect and live life lightly
Several 2-5 minute meditations you can take with you, to ground yourself and connect with your body.

The support of 2 experienced coaches
A wealth of expertise and guidance, that with regular one-on-one coaching would take several months and thousands of dollars.

A community of compassionate individuals
Throughout the course, you will have access to a private online space where you can meet others, share your insights, ask questions and get support.

It’s time to end the struggle with your body
It’s time to feel free and connect with your body

We have done this work.

Willo and JackieJackie Priestley has been coaching individuals to create loving relationships with themselves for over 18 years. Inspired by her own painful, yet life changing, relationship with her body, she created Live Life Lightly in 1996, and soon after met Willo O’Brien while leading a women’s group focused on healing the relationship with our body image, ourselves and our relationship with food.

Taking those life-changing tools along with her, Willo’s journey has led her to leading a bold, entrepreneurial life. She has founded several companies and launched multiple programs dedicated to supporting individuals and passionate entrepreneurs in staying connected to their self-care, creativity and the unique magic that makes them feel alive.

Twenty-four years combined we struggled and discovered how to live in a loving relationship with our bodies. Our individual journeys have brought us together to create this course for YOU!

When you become aware of why your body is important to you, and
what value it brings you in your life, the way you take care of it changes.

I'm Ready - Sign Me Up!

You have Questions? We have Answers.

When will the Live Calls be held?
We will have 5 Live Calls, held at 11am (Pacific Time) on the following dates:

  • Tues, April 30 – Clarifying  Intention & Diving into the Work
  • Tues,  May 7  – Uncovering Limiting Beliefs
  • Tues,  May 14 –  Exploring with Curiosity & Compassion
  • Tues,   May 21 – Illuminating the Path
  • Tues,   May 28 – Creating your Personal Code for Self-Care

We ask that you register with the full intention of clearing your calendar to be present for these calls. That said, if you have circumstances that prevent you from being present on the calls, you will be able to access the recordings.

Why do I need to be on the call, if I know it’s going to be recorded?
You may have done other online courses where you didn’t necessarily need to be on the live calls, however we know this work will support you in transformation if you give yourself the gift of participating with us.

We are committed to creating an intimate group setting, and are grateful for the gift of technology to offer this work to you in your home, no matter where you live. We want to maintain the same high level of connection and transformation that takes place in an in-person setting.

Is this class for me?
We want you to know that wherever you are in your process, is right where you need to be. Some of you may be in a lot of pain and struggle with your body; it may be the first time you’ve actually reached out for support. Others of you may have been on a journey with your body for quite some time, and you want to deepen and refine the relationship you’ve been cultivating.

When can I register?
Registration is open now, and will close at 6 pm on April 29th. We will send you a getting started questionnaire and our first call is on the 30th!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us

This is *not* just another program…

Do you feel like, “I have done this before… I am so tired of trying  to lose weight, trying to learn to love my body, trying to make choices that I know support me, trying to take care of myself. I have done it, and I have failed more than I care to admit.”

We understand your frustration.

Einstein said:

“The significant problems in our life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”

This process is about going to the root of the relationship that you have with your body.  Until you really uncover and discover the beliefs that drive your current relationship with your body, you will continue to experience the same relationship you have always had.

Normally the transformation that comes from this work would take several months of one-on-one coaching. This program is designed to take you on a 30-day deep exploration of your own unique experience with your body, in your life; providing you with profound awareness of the unconscious limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns that have kept you from feeling fully connected and ALIVE.

Wouldn’t you love to show the young people in your life
an example of someone who truly loves their body?

This is an investment in the quality of your life. Our relationships to ourselves and our bodies are paramount. Our health and our happiness rely on it.

You hold the Key to Feeling Alive

This work is about uncovering, exploring, discovering, and bringing curiosity, fun, laughter to what has long felt like work, effort and struggle.

It’s time to Reconnect with your
amazing body and Live Life Lightly!

The Purpose of Feel Alive is to provide you with an opportunity to explore your relationship with your body and uncover the limiting beliefs and stories that you are currently living with.  Opening to this awareness, with curiosity and compassion, will provide a space for healing.  This learning will illuminate your path to your Personal Code of Self Care.  You will discover your body’s innate needs for feeling nourished, fulfilled and alive.  This is your one precious body – and you hold the key to the most empowering way to be in relationship with it!

If you create space in your life to walk this path with us for the next 30 days, you will begin the process of creating a whole new way of being with and taking care of your body. This will create a foundation for you of self care and self nurturing that will begin a new journey for you.

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What others have said…

MonicaAn Amazing Journey to a Connected Me
“This curriculum is really wonderful and I’d highly recommend it for anyone willing to do the work. You get out what you put in, but I’m in a totally different place than when I first read Brene Brown’s book, signed up for the ReConnect class, and then Willo recommended the follow-up Feel Alive class. It has been an amazing journey from anxiety-filled basket case to compassionate, honest, connected me. Thanks!”

~ Monica Wahlberg
Madison, Wisconsin


I’ve lost 18 pounds without dieting!
“I’m going to start by saying, at age 62, I have never felt better both physically and mentally. I’m no longer taking blood pressure medication, I’ve lost 18 pounds and all of this without dieting! I’ve been working in AA for over two years, but never found the freedom and positive reinforcement I received from Feel Alive. My purpose was to learn how to live my life without addiction and learn moderation. It’s definitely a work in progress, but Feel Alive has given me so much more! I feel like I have a new awareness of my own body and I feel more in tune and aware of the world around me. I’m learning the value of truly being present in the moment. I loved what you said about opening up and fully listening to people. I’m amazed how the people in my life have in turn opened up to me.

I can’t wait for my daily walks and how great they make me feel. Activity is so much easier without those 18 pounds. All for now, but many thanks from a happy camper in Tennessee!”

~ Leslie Smith Nelson
Chattanooga, Tennessee

JulieIt’s about how I treat myself
“What I enjoyed about Feel Alive is that it was an online approach that supported me in access to so many tools, including meditations, a workbook, a weekly live call, and a safe community.  I loved that all of this work was done in the safety of my own home.  I have experienced many insights into the patterns that have been holding me back from really living the way I want to.  Learning to recognize my Inner Critic and connecting with my Wise Self gave me the understanding that I was avoiding my true feelings by disengaging and distracting my self from my life. This is a learning process and I know it is about using my tools daily.  My path is not a straight line and I have learned to not be judgmental but to observe my patterns and begin having compassion for myself.  This is helping me to no longer feel helpless when I get derailed.

I am very aware it’s about how I treat myself, my interaction with others and my Spiritual path.  Feel Alive has really shown me that what I am wanting and what I deserve is so much more than I thought.”

~ Julie Biggers
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Sue CapsShifting lifelong patterns
“I liked the feeling of having a group and yet having the privacy of doing the work from my home. The work was very organized, and I never felt guilty about not doing my homework perfectly. Jackie and Willo always affirmed and reminded me that wherever I was in my process was where I needed to be. This relieved me of my guilt and created an environment within myself that allowed me to stay open and continue the process. What has really stayed with me is discovering my Personal Code of Self Care. It has helped me recognize what I need to feel alive and to remember to provide that for myself. I have also learned how to be with myself when I need my own support.  This has given me peace.

One of the main things that has shifted for me is that I am paying more attention to me–actually putting myself first on a number of occasions! I am more aware of my negative responses; patterns that have been with me since age 7.  I now have some tools to help me respond in different ways. This relieves what I call the pacing: the mind spinning, the anxiousness, and the reactions which bring out a negative side and send me straight to the refrigerator. These tools help relieve the tension of ‘not feeling good enough’ and make room for me to feel energized, happy and more appreciative in my life, as well as more kind and gentle with myself.”

~ Sue Fiedler
Bainbridge Island, Washington

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to feel satisfied. Therefore, we’re offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide this course isn’t right for you, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

If you have any other questions not addressed here, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Are you Ready?

If you create space in your life to walk this path with us for these 30 days, you will begin the process of creating a whole new way of being with and taking care of your body. This will create a foundation for you of self care and self nurturing that will begin a new journey for you.

YES! Take me to Registration

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