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After 16 years of working together, we’ve been inspired to co-create a class that will support you in discovering an authentic and empowering way to be in relationship with your body.

jackie-priestleyMy journey with my body began many years ago. I remember my body as being something that was just a part of me, I enjoyed the simplicity of movement; playing games in the backyard with my brother, jumping through the waves at the beach, getting buried in the sand, swimming for hours in the pool. All of this came with a sense of freedom and aliveness in my body.

Then I turned 12.

I began feeling like my body was too big, too cumbersome, I didn’t like the feeling of breasts developing. Overnight my confidence and my self worth became synonymous with how I felt about my body. My body became this thing that I had to control, it needed to look a certain way, it needed to cooperate. It became separate from me. An object. Sometimes an object that provided fun and enjoyment, other times an object that brought me pain. I was angry at it most of the time. I remember thinking if I treated anyone like I treated my body, I wouldn’t have any friends. After years of experiencing the same struggle – hating my body, gaining weight, dieting, losing weight, hating my body, gaining weight, dieting, losing weight – again and again.

I began approaching this “problem” from a different perspective. What if I saw my body as an amazing companion on this journey of life? What if I treated it like a dear friend? What if I was actually having a relationship with it?  What would happen?

This journey brought me to creating Live Life Lightly, I began sharing with women what I learned and how I had transformed my relationship with my body.

In 1996 I was facilitating groups with women. This is where I met Willo. She was open and ready to do the work. I saw and understood her pain AND I saw her Essence and her light. It was big… bigger than her pain and just waiting for her to see it within herself.  She began her journey of healing her relationship with her body. She opened up her doorway. In 2008 we met again and I remember being inspired by her growth and how her commitment to really LIVING the work. Over the next three years I continued to have the amazing opportunity to Coach Willo. I have had the privilege of witnessing her growth with her relationship with her body and with her Self.

Our individual journeys have brought us here, and we invite you on this path to open the doorway to being reconnected with your body and an opportunity to discover what makes you Feel Alive!


I first met Jackie in 1996, while she was leading a women’s group called Live Life Lightly; created specifically to help heal the relationship with our bodies, body image and our relationships to food.

I had just moved to San Francisco from a short stint in Los Angeles, where I started to realize my obsession around controlling my food had become very unhealthy. I had a distorted body image from very young, and it plagued me most of my days. Being 5’10” and “big boned” I thought I was too big, too fat, and spent years dieting, trying extreme detox diets or going to extremes with working out; all to find myself still desperately unhappy with my body.

The tools I learned in my work with Jackie in my early 20’s stayed with me. Then, after a decade of various relationships, jobs, apartments and adventures, I started working with Jackie again in 2008. My behaviors weren’t as extreme as they once had been, but instead the disconnect had been a result of working long hours, sitting in front of a computer. Between owning my own businesses, and working on the founding teams of startups, I faced stress and overwhelm that left me feeling exhausted and at times completely disconnected from my relationship to my body and self-care.

Passionate about raising awareness on this topic, I launched Willo Connect in 2011, a video series dedicated to having conversations with fellow Creative Entrepreneurs; asking them how they stay connected.

Creating a loving relationship with my body has been a long journey, but I am so happy to be able to say I feel genuinely connected to how my body feels, and know how to take care of it from a place of love.

In 2012 I launched RE:CONNECT, a 5-week ecourse co-created with my dear friend, author and artist, Mati Rose, to dive deeper into this work. One of the weeks in that course is dedicated to ‘ReConnecting with Your Body’, a topic I have long been passionate about, and an area of work I have wanted to dive into deeper. This Feel Alive course is doing just that.

I’m so honored to be working with my long-time coach, mentor and friend, Jackie Priestley. She has been a loving, supportive guide in my life and it feels so incredible to have walked this journey with her and now have the opportunity to share this work with so many others.

Jackie often works with individuals in her home, and has thought about starting to do more group work. Feel Alive is that group work. Except, thanks to the power of the internet, we’re able to extend the intimacy of a living room to a sacred online space, to bring this work to women around the world. We look forward to having you join us.


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