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The Work I Do

It’s so easy to get distracted in our lives. We are living… yet do we really feel ALIVE?

To feel alive we must be connected to ourselves. We must be living our life. Not the one that is filled with ‘shoulds.’ Everyone knows that, but the interesting thing is many of the ‘shoulds’ have been with us for so long we don’t even recognize them.

How do we Turn up the Volume on our True Expression?

The Foundation of My Work

We are in relationship with everything in our life. We are in relationship with ourselves, our bodies, money, our homes, work, our family, our significant others, with friends.
We are in relationship with everything in our life.

How we experience that relationship and how we engage in it depends on our relationship with ourselves and the perspective that we are viewing the relationship from.

What usually occurs is that a relationship that we are in will be causing us pain of some kind. Pain can be a feeling of being stuck, bored, isolated, sad, confused, numb, angry, helpless, depleted. Our focus goes to wanting to fix or change the experience outside of us.

The answer is actually inside of us.

At the core of who we are is our Essence; this is the part of us that is connected to everyone and everything. As we navigate and move through life our personality and the roles that we play begin to eclipse and hide our true self.

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My Coaching Philosophy

It is a relationship between the Coach and the Client that is based upon the fundamental idea that the Client holds the answers to living their Authentic Life.  As a Coach, I am here to support the client in gaining clarity to those answers.  They are hidden behind limiting beliefs and personality structure.

My Clients

I work with a variety of clients – women, men, individuals, couples, teenagers, CEO’s, business executives, grandmothers.   They come for a variety of reasons:

  • To get unstuck
  • To release weight (See Live Life Lightly)
  • To work on a relationship  – parent/child, spouse, co-worker
  • To get out of a relationship
  • To communicate effectively
  • To discover their next step
  • To make a conscious decision to be in CHARGE of their own life
  • To shift their life from ordinary to extraordinary

The Process

Every situation is different.  It is truly like a dance.  I use a wide variety of tools that I have collected over 18 years.  To me it begins with deep listening, intuition, and guidance.  Then I use different tools depending on what resonates with my client.  For some clients it is important to keep things practical and goal oriented, for others we use meditation, breathing, and body centered practices.

No matter what tools I choose, I am always guiding the client along the following path:

  • Awareness
  • Learning
  • Creating

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Book a 30 minute phone consultation with me.  It will give you an opportunity to ask questions for greater understanding of the work, you can get a chance to meet me and then make a decision if this is the next step for you. Call me at 650-759-1144 or send me an email.

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