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The Four Pillars

There are four pillars at the foundation of my work:

ESSENCE: I am Inherently Whole

From our place of wholeness emerges our True expression. This True expression has a unique way of being in this world.  When we recognize our core values and essential needs we are in alignment with this part of ourself.  When we honor these values and needs we feel connected and alive.

MIND:  My Mind is Where My Witness, Thoughts/Beliefs, and Choices Reside

Imagine a tree outside your window.  You notice that part of the tree is looking unhealthy, the leaves are turning yellow and it appears to have a disease.  You decide to cut the area back that is less than vibrant.  The tree looks great – you admire it for the next passing of time.  Unfortunately, one day you begin to notice that the disease is back.  You realize that just trimming the tree back has really only made it look better it really hasn’t addressed the real issue.   You realize you can go deeper and explore what is happening at the roots of the tree.  Now you find out the tree needs additional food, water, and sun.  You makes these changes at the root system and you now have a truly, healthy, vibrant, tree.

In order to truly create change we need to be aware of our beliefs and thoughts – our mindset.    We do this by witnessing the beliefs that we are holding.  The mindset is like our root system.  If we really want to create a different experience we need to explore our present belief system.

EMOTIONS: I have the capacity to feel and be open to all of my feelings

We know that our emotions have valuable information for us.  We learn to be with them with compassion and a willingness to be open.   We allow space for our feelings, we honor our needs and wants and we know we have the privilege and responsibility of taking care of ourself.

BODY: My Body is Innately Wise

We learn to tune into our body and hear its messages for food, movement,  and self care.  When our body is nurtured with vibrant food, given the opportunity for movement, and when self care is a priority it becomes the vessel to live a fully vibrant life.

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