Conscious Leadership


Conscious leaders recognize the profound responsibility of power and influence.

They know that who they are, how they are, and what they say has outsized weight and consequence – and a ripple effect that spreads far and wide.

Yes, leaders come with skills, knowledge and experience. However, it’s the internal capacities of awareness, presence and vision that evolve a leader from good to great; someone capable of channeling vast amounts of good in the world. A conscious leader’s personal power grows in proportion to these powerful internal capacities.

These same capacities build the ballast to elevate beyond stress, burnout, as well as fear, insecurity and doubt; providing a leader with regenerative fuel for their own renewal. 

Jackie works with leaders who are committed to this internal growth.

Whether they’re running companies, teams, programs or complex processes, she works with them to expand their consciousness, break free from internal barriers and to draw from deeper wells of intelligence inside themselves. The effect is a leader who is energized, able to navigate complexity and to have more lightness of being and freedom inside themselves.


The Enneagram is a powerful and practical tool for understanding ourselves, and for supporting team dynamics. It will bring to your awareness your core motivations, and shine a light on areas you might not be conscious of. This highlights both your strengths and challenges as a leader, and provides a map for individual and team development.

How the Enneagram applies to…

Team Development

Small group facilitation focusing on:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Feedback
  • Team-building
  • Enneagram in Team Dynamics 

Leadership Development

One-on-One Executive Coaching focusing on:

  • Self Awareness
  • Expanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Shifting out of Reactivity into Choice
  • Understanding Yourself & Others
  • Communication
  • Undefended Leadership


Jackie Priestley

Jackie is a master coach supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers in achieving freedom, fulfillment, and expression within themselves and in the world. She excels at helping to liberate individuals from the mental, emotional, and physical barriers that limit their power, creativity, and mental clarity. She gets to the core with her clients, skillfully holding space for transformation, elevation, and the release of even the most entrenched barriers to fulfillment. Results include more capacity for joy, innovative thinking, elevated presence, and the effective channeling of personal power.

In her work with leaders, Jackie exercises impeccable judgment – working sensitively and confidentially with those in positions of visibility, influence and degrees of high responsibility. She’s worked with CEOs across a range of industries and has worked with leaders and teams at major institutions such as Apple, Iconiq, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Ideo, re-WORK, The Philanthropy Workshop, Seliger Studios, and the NFL.

Through self-awareness and expanding emotional intelligence, Jackie supports her clients in being able to step into self-mastery through becoming adept at responding rather than reacting. Her work is focused on setting and executing goals in alignment with vision.

“You cannot manage other people until you manage yourself first.”

Peter Drucker

Trainings & Certifications

Jackie’s effectiveness stems from 30 years of experience and training required for transformative work and results. Her professional profile includes:

  • 30 years of individual coaching and group facilitation
  • Excel Training Certification via the Center of Excellence including the achievement of master practitioner and trainer
  • The Enneagram Teacher Training Certification with Russ Hudson, Jessica Dibb & Gayle Scott 
  • IEQ9 Certification
  • Tony Robins Breakthrough Training Certification
  • Enneagram Certification: A Year of Conscious Living with Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb
  • Inner MBA Certification with Sounds True
  • Breakthrough Training Certification, Tony Robbins
  • Working with Women Certification & Training
  • Enneagram for Coaches & Therapists with David Daniels and Barbara Whiteside
  • Spiritual Dimension with the Narrative Enneagram
  • Energy Mastery Development Training with Jeffrey Allen
  • Introduction to the Enneagram with The Narrative Enneagram
  • Studied monthly for 5 years with David Daniels and Barbara Whiteside
  • Group process, team building, and the curation & facilitation of multi-day retreats

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“If you’re looking for someone to guide you into a deeper, more personal leadership journey, Jackie is the one. She expanded my capacity to see the big picture, to respond rather than react, and to lead with authenticity, and personal power. I grew into a whole new sense of myself.”


Erin Lewellen

President & COO of Global Citizen

“One hour with Jackie felt timeless. She guides you seamlessly though levels – from the highest, most elevated spaces to very deep, inner spaces that need immediate attention. Her powers of really listening and intuiting exactly where to go next are amazing.”


Suzana Grego

Managing Director, Public Engagement & Communications, Skoll Foundation

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin