My history and what brought me into this work:

My dysfunctional and painful relationship with my body is what began my journey. Although I was a naturally thin preteen, the mirror still reflected a girl who was “too big”, “too busty”, “too much.” I believed I needed to lose weight and my emotionally draining process began. Etched in my mind was a theme that followed me for more than a decade. My belief was, “I am not good enough unless I weigh…” After many diets including Scarsdale, Atkins, Pritikin, counting calories or fat grams, I successfully lost weight, but eventually I would regain the weight plus a few additional pounds. Whether I was up or down, I held on to one thought, “If only I could lose the weight my life would be perfect.”

For 12 years, I battled what I believed was an easy problem to solve, decrease my calories, increase my exercise and I will lose weight. Why couldn’t I solve this simple equation? I began exploring…

I came to understand my “problem” could be solved only when I learned to shift my thinking rather than focus solely on my behavior. Ultimately inspired by Einstein, who proclaimed,

“The significant problems in our life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

I began my personal journey to Live Life Lightly.

30 years later I am living life as a naturally thin person, eating when I am hungry, choosing the foods my body loves and stopping when I am satisfied. The greatest gift this journey has given me is that it has lead me to discover, cultivate and embrace, a loving intimate relationship with myself that supports me in all areas of my life.

I now know that my body is a portal to the expression of my Authentic Self. I feel inspired and blessed every time I have the opportunity to guide a woman along this path.

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