Cultivate Your Intentions Series Begins


Cultivate Your Intentions is a continuation of the Living with Intention Series

Join me for a 4 month virtual series beginning February 27th from 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Cultivate = To foster the growth of something

During the Live with Intention series you asked yourself powerful and discerning questions that expanded your awareness and opened up possibility. You began looking at the strategy and daily habits that will bring into fruition your intentions.

But how do you generate and sustain momentum? How do you stay clear, inspired, and committed? This series is designed to be an energizing, motivational flashpoint in your month. A way to support you and a community of others in:

Staying connected to your WHY?
Working with resistance or roadblocks that arise
Re-evaluate when needed
Expanding into possibility
Creating with joy
Enjoying the process
Executing your plan
Reinforcing commitment
Using accountability as a tool

If you are interested and did not attend the Live with Intention series, you can still join us! Click this link to purchase the recorded sessions, you will be guided through the process and be ready to Cultivate your Intentions beginning, February 20th.


Befriending The Dragon ~ Harmonizing Emotions

Led by Legendary Teachers: Sifu Matthew Cohen, Injae Choe & Jackie Priestley Saturday, March 27th 2 hour Workshop Live on Zoom 10am-12pm (PST) 1pm-3pm (EST) $50 Emotional fluency is the ability to experience our emotions without judgement or attachment. A healthy relationship with emotions, both positive and negative, gives us access to our creativity, our […]


Break Free Program Begins


This is a 4-Week Virtual Group Training Program that meets weekly on Fridays from 8-9:30 AM beginning on May 7th.
How do we hold space for peace, calm and contentment – even in anxious times? How do we feel alive and break free? Inner freedom is real, achievable and available to anyone. It is a way of living in harmony with yourself, and all that is around you – even as life, relationships and events unfold. It is the work you do to liberate your very state of being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. On this enlivening journey you will Free the Mind, Open the Heart, Nurture the Body, and Liberate the Spirit...

$120 – $150