“Our attachment to our own story limits our freedom. We cling to the woes of the past as if they justify the present. We limit our potential by remaining devoted to our limiting beliefs. We repeat ourselves endlessly, never realizing that a new road ahead lies waiting.

Our creative spirit, our thought, our feelings decide the pathway forward. Let go of the stepping-stones of the past. Step forward into whatever the moment brings.

Allow life to unfold as the adventure it is meant to be.”

Ann Mortifee

The Alive & Inspired Retreat

Catch your breath. Rediscover yourself.

November 2-7, 2021

Awaken to what’s possible…

The Alive & Inspired Retreat will deeply nourish your body and soul, challenge you, reignite your spark and awaken you to what’s possible in yourself and in your life, In a supportive environment, you’ll be gently guided through experiential exercises, self inquiry, small group discussion and movement practices giving you a variety of ways to reconnect to yourself and deeply listen to what’s calling you forth. You’ll emerge refreshed and renewed, invigorated and inspired, with valuable tools and a community to support your Alive & Inspired life.

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“I wanted to face up to hard things inside myself and Jackie was the one who helped me. She’s able to create a safe, nonjudgmental space to do the deepest, most vulnerable work of self-understanding, forgiveness and release of shame…

Without this work I would still be caught up in self destructive and undermining patterns. Instead, I am so much lighter, more empathetic and free inside.”



Labor Relations Specialist

“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Brené Brown